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  • Jacob Zwaik

An Industry Evolves

At DJT we are already taking steps to move beyond the current crisis. If anything, the global pandemic has taught us a lot and forced us to continue to grow and innovate. We have re-evaluated every process from training, to purchasing supplies and our procedures. We are taking the necessary steps now to be proactive in change in the industry.

"Engineering, construction, and building materials have a vital role to play in a post-pandemic recovery of our communities and economies."

  • Opportunity to shift work off-site. Identify elements that can be preassembled in a controlled environment. Off-site construction could contribute to sustainability goals by reducing materials waste.

  • Investment in culture and skills needed to operate in the next normal. Balancing performance and health has become even more critical during these times. We must invest in culture to reduce apprehension across the workforce regarding job security and productivity. There is no better time to look at our own team and how we can up-skill the entire workforce and require training on new tools, technologies and operating procedures.

  • Accelerate the evolution to digitization. There is no time to experiment with the perfect road map. Organizations must instead enable well-proven remote use cases. For contractors, this may mean scaling up remote collaboration at the production stages using a digital model or urging for minimal manning at site offices.

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