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  • Jacob Zwaik

Importance of Construction Safety

Safety first. With the emergence of a global pandemic, safety has firmly taken its place at the top of the priority list. The unique experience of COVID-19 has given DJT the opportunity to lead in health and safety among construction companies. We've put together a few ways we are setting the standard when it comes to safety in the construction industry workplace.

Clear line of communication

Establishing both a communication plan and channel come hand in hand. One will not work properly without the other. Employees should understand the decision making process and understand when and how to expect to receive them. Employees should be comfortable with direct superiors and be able to communicate about any health related issues that may arise. As the saying goes, "it's always better to be safe than sorry."

Update safety standards

In construction, there are often times employees are forced to work in tight spaces with peers. It is important to continuously evaluate process, procedure and enforcement mechanisms that are in place to keep everyone safe. The pandemic has showcased blind spots and forced improvement.

Lean on your network

The construction industry is truly a band of brothers. Now is a great time to lean on your network to find out what's working for them. The pandemic has allowed everyone in the industry to reset, take a step back and address any weaknesses in protocols. This new world is uncharted territory for all, and now is the time to lean on your peers for help.

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